Research Grants Programme 2015–18

This programme aims to deepen knowledge and understanding of the impact of art and culture, and the complex role it plays in our experience as individuals and a society.

Successful applicants

In autumn 2016, we invested a further £1m in six research projects across England

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A young child in a sensory room looks at a saxophone.
Plymouth Music Zone participants making music. Photo © Plymouth Music Zone. Photograph: Kevin Clifford.

In autumn 2016, we invested a further £1m in six research projects across England as part of the stage 2 research grants programme, involving a range of small, medium and large arts and cultural organisations.

These further six projects completes our ambition to fund a suite of research that we hope will enhance our evidence to understand the value and impact of arts and culture on individuals and society as a whole. The findings from these research projects build on the commitments we made in round one which we hope we can use to influence policy and decision-making, and influence commissioners and funders on the value of culture.

Projects have been offered two years of funding and range between £100,000 to £200,000.

The six successful applications demonstrated:

  • originality and importance of the research
  • strength of the research partnership
  • rigorous and appropriate research methodologies
  • commitment to sharing, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and learning

Andrew Mowlah, Director of Research said:

“The value of arts and culture to society has long been debated. We know that arts and culture play an important role in promoting social and economic goals through local regeneration, attracting tourists, developing talent and innovation, improving health and well-being, and contributing to the delivery of public services.

Never has there been a more important time to stimulate the debate, share intelligence, work in partnership with the sector and beyond on joint research. We hope the research we have invested in over the two rounds will provide us with credible and robust evidence so that the benefits of the arts and culture are truly recognised.”