Useful resources

A collection of links to academic journals and research libraries which explore the value and impact of arts and culture to people and society.

Themes covered by resources in the gateway include:

  • health and wellbeing
  • the economy
  • society
  • education

The collection is presented in two categories according to their source type; academic sources and sources from the arts and cultural sector. 
Please note that some of the full journal articles are behind paywalls.

Many of the journals and research libraries are still growing and we hope the Gateway will also continue to grow. If you have any suggestions for additional research repositories please email

As outlined in our refreshed strategy, Great art and culture for everyone, we are committed to ensure our research builds collective knowledge and deepens our understanding of the impact of arts and culture, and will map out and reinforce the changing and complex role it plays in our experience as individuals and on the fabric of our society.